Llangollen Christmas Festival

Llangollen Christmas Festival takes place in and around the town on the last Saturday of November.

It is organised by a group of volunteers under the auspices of the Llangollen Town Council.

All proceeds are donated to local charities.

The festivites begin with a parade through town, followed by events and entertainment in and around the town

until the Christmas lights are switched on in the late afternoon.

Siôn Corn's grotto will be in the Town Hall from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Tickets £4.00 available on the day from the Town Hall foyer. 

Proceeds go to local charities.


In Wales, Father Christmas is often known as Siôn Corn (Chimney Jack) and you may be surprised to see

he is wearing a green outfit instead of the more usual red one.

A long time ago Father Christmas always wore green but one day in America, where he was also known as Santa Claus,

someone gave him a red suit and it became fashionable all over the world for Father Christmas to wear red.

Sometimes he likes to wear his more traditional green outfit, especially when he visits historic places like Llangollen.


The festival takes place on the last Saturday in November.

The parade begins at 1pm and the Christmas lights will be turned on at 5pm followed by fireworks.

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Photograph: Llangollen Community Book  www.llangollencommunity.co.uk