Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

Every summer since 1947, Llangollen has staged one of the world’s most inspiring cultural festivals.


Each year at the beginning of July, around 4,000 performers converge on this small Welsh town

and the Royal International Pavilion,  to participate in a unique combination of competition,

performance, peace and friendship.


Over the years the International Musical Eisteddfod has received many illustrious visitors,

including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

and welcomed many wonderful performers, as well as forging links and forming friendships worldwide.


In the words by T. Gwynn Jones, familiar to everyone who experiences this festival:


Byd gwyn fydd byd a gano: Gwaraidd fydd ei gerddi fo.

(Blessed is the world that sings; Gentle are its songs.)


More information: www.international-eisteddfod.co.uk

The Grounds Committee - one of the many groups of volunteers making this occasion an outstanding success.

Photograph: Llangollen Community Book  www.llangollencommunity.co.uk